A free bank loan is the crowning proof that there is nothing like the famous invisible hand of the market. Nothing affects your offers as well as the competition. Competition with large P like non-bank loans.

Mocked by the banking sector, taken away from reverence and faith. Condemned many times to extinction, they are developing extremely well in our country and it serves the market well. Because without years of loan offers at 0% in payday loans would be possible


Free loan at Almswish Bank?


Not so long ago, the thought of such an offer would arouse a smile of pity on the mental condition of the person making such dreams. Today, however, this is already reality.

Almswish Bank in the promotion “loan up to $ 1,000 APRC 0%” grants the loan completely without costs. As you can read in advertising materials, you can get money:

  1. Fast, even in 15 minutes.
  2. Convenient, because the whole procedure takes place online.
  3. Simply because of the lack of a requirement to present an income certificate.

As for the second point, it is worth emphasizing that a free bank loan is only available online. For some it is an advantage, for others it’s just the opposite. Unfortunately, we do not get free loans at Almswish Bank branches.


A small bank loan for free

A small bank loan for free

The loan amount proposed in this offer also somehow refers to payday loans offers. As part of the promotion, the bank will borrow up to $ 1,000. For this, the fact that you can pay back a loan for free even after 6 months beats any non-bank loan offer.

To dispel any doubts as to the fact that this loan does not carry any costs for the borrower, let’s see what the information about the APRC says for the promotion: ‘Up to $ 1000 loan with APR 0%’;

Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) is 0%, total loan amount (excluding costs credited) $ 800, total payment amount $ 800, fixed interest rate 0%, total loan cost $ 800, 6 installments, including 5 monthly equal installments in the amount of 133.33 and the last compensatory in the amount of 133.35 USD. The calculation was made on 09.10.2018 on a representative example. The promotion is available from October 15, 2018 to November 30, 2018.

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