The number of Poles who plan to take out a consumer loan has increased. Last year the number was 2.5 times smaller. Such conclusions are derived from the Fine Bank study. What are our compatriots planning to issue a loan for? First of all, for the renovation of a house or apartment or holiday trips.

The latest Fine Bank survey shows that almost 15% of Poles are thinking of taking consumer credit in the coming year. This group has more than doubled compared to 2016. At that time, only 5.8% of us planned to increase their budget in this way. The increase was mainly recorded among women and young people, aged between 25 and 34 (approx. 31%). This group also showed the largest increase in readiness to make such a commitment (by 25 percentage points). Among women, this readiness increased significantly, by 20 percentage points (from 2 to 22). In this year’s survey, women declare that they want to take out a loan three times more often than men in 2017 – 22% and 8%, respectively.

James Waltermark, responsible for credit products for individual clients at Fine Bank says:

The situation on the labor market is good, unemployment is extremely low, wages are rising, and so is the propensity to consume. And this translates into greater interest in cash loans. At the same time, the current structure of the loan portfolio in Poland indicates that this trend applies more to middle-income and wealthy people who want to finance more expensive expenses, while in the case of low-value loans we observe a slight slowdown on the market, which is the result of, among others Family 500+ program.


Greater spending of Poles next year:

credit loan

  • home / flat renovation – 23.4%
  • vacation / travel – 22.2%
  • organization of weddings / communions / baptisms – 10.4%
  • buying a car – 8.8%
  • private healthcare – 6.3%
  • sending a child to school / study abroad – 1.7%
  • other – 5.8%


For what credit?

For what credit?

Most people planning expenses, will spend it on the renovation of an apartment or house (23.4%) This is 4.4 percentage points more than expected for the current year. For 22.2% of respondents, spending in 2017 will be holidays. Such declarations are most often made by people aged 25 to 34 (renovation – 44% of them and vacation 38%).

It is easier for young people, often without major obligations, to make expensive travel decisions. Such plans are also favored by the atmosphere of large cities, where it is fashionable to spend holidays in an unusual way, as well as a stable situation on the labor market, allowing you to think calmly about the possibility of paying off liabilities from current revenues – adds James Waltermark from Fine Bank.

Another most frequently declared category of significant expenses are family celebrations, ie weddings, communions or baptisms. In 2017, 11% of respondents will have to find funds for them.
The car came in fourth place (almost 9% of respondents said so). Further, Poles anticipate spending on health and treatment under private medical care (6.3%), and only 1.7% of respondents will need additional finances to send a child to school or study abroad.

And if not credit?

credit loan

Low interest rates guarantee attractive terms for consumer loans offered by banks. According to Arcadio Kruszk, chief economist at Fine Bank, interest rates should be stable in the coming months.

In addition to their own savings and credit, current income (17.9%) will be the third source of financing needs for the respondents. People with high earnings can mainly afford it – in the Fine Bank study it was the source declared most often by people earning $ 5,000 net of tax per month or more. However, about 7% of respondents will want to take a loan from someone in the family.

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